Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Diagnosis Is......

Today, I saw my sports physician to see what the deal was with the knee pain.  She was the most adorable, cool, and understanding doctor I have ever been too.  Her husband is a runner and she totally understands that I am going nuts not being able to train.  Sometimes It is frustrating seeing a Dr. for a running injury because they don't understand that I have knee pain from running 70 miles a week, not from being an overweight 70 year old.  This lady totally got it.  I wanted to kiss her when my x-rays showed I did not do any serious damage.

And the diagnosis is.....................

PatelloFemoral Syndrome

Copied from

....patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), or simply "runner's knee," is the most common overuse injury among runners. It occurs when a mistracking kneecap (patella) irritates the femoral groove in which it rests on the thighbone (femur).

I am pretty sure it happened the day I was sprinting up and down hills in anger at 7:25 pace just a week and a half after the marathon.  I am a dummy.

I am just thrilled that it is nothing super serious, my Dr. reassured me that I should do rehab for about 3 weeks to strengthen my muscles and I should be good.

The only hard decision to make is whether or not I should change the marathon I picked (Marine Corps, Oct. 30th) for a later race.  My training calendar says I should have started this week....It's a hard decision to make because I LOVE MARINE CORPS MARATHON and two of my best running buddies (Kate and Leslie) are running.

Any suggestions on a later fall marathon?  I was considering Philly.  It needs to be a fast course!!!

Although I have been off this week, I have been SO BUSY putting Bruno through my own doggie training camp.  I am determined to have him fully trained and ready to be a well behaved pup for when we go to Mexico July 17th and the best sister-in-law Maura Rushlander cares for him.  He slept for 7.5 hours STRAIGHT in his crate last night without a whimper!!!  He had no 'accidents' today and pooped outside twice and peed outside four times.  I am so proud. 

Penny and Bruno love to chase each other and pretend to bite.  Sometimes, I put them in 'time-out' when they get a little too rough.  I got very concerned when they both disappeared under our couch together.  It was so hilarious when I saw them just chilling together with their tongues hanging out.  Look at these knuckleheads!

Making Mischief

I am all for any late fall marathon suggestions!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Perfect Anniversary

I made him a scrapbook of our first year

He got me a new Vera bag, a massage gift certificate, and a wiener dog! hehe

after church and Panera, I tried on the dress again!  It was so uncomfortable lol

I love this picture with my babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruno likes to have Penny pull him around the house by the stuff smiley face man

before dinner at the Melting Pot

There are always golf clubs around our house

one year of marriage

Jordan had roses put on our table :)

in our booth

in our booth

during the cheese course

take 2

I love the cheese course!

The meat course - double lobster, filet, pork, shrimp,chicken - you cook it in the fondue brother for about 2 minutes and they gave us 7 different sauces to dip in

We also had salad and a cookies and cream chocolate fondue for dessert - but our appetites were not big enough....I wish I could have taken it home and eaten it today!!!

We had an AWESOME first anniversary and there will be many more awesome ones to come!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Friday started off great....Jordan revealed to me my special anniversary gift that I would get later that night....

But first, I got to meet up with old running friends Autumn and Tasha at the Olive Garden in Robinson.  It was so nice to meet up and really made me miss running Cross-Country and Track with them.  It's so funny because when I think how I miss college I ALWAYS think about my running friends and cross-country memories.

Running friends!  Tasha, me, and Autumn
And here is my present!!!!
Our Puppy's Mommy

He will be named BRUNO!

so excited.  Please quit ripping my shirt off!

such a cuddly puppy

meeting Grandpa

Penny shared her red toy

Penny seems happy

He will be her husband someday

mid bark

Meeting his cousins

napping on Daddy


Still my number 1 girl!!!!!!!!

Meeting Uncle Corey

1st bath

Penny was so glad she was not being bathed!!!

All clean now!

opening our wedding cake!

It was good
We are enjoying our new puppy so much!  I am very relieved because Penny seems as happy as ever.  Initially, she was very afraid when Bruno chased her around our house.  Now, she likes to get him to chase her, I just have to discourage him from the biting that puppies do so he doesn't make her mad!  And Jordan is being such a great Puppy Dad!

I am ready to enjoy our anniversary today :) !  Melting Pot tonight!!!
PS If you have any advice on getting two dogs used to each other, let me know!!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Anniversary!!!

Have been having a great week working as a nanny.  We went to a lot of fun places, like Soergel's, three different parks, the pool, and the library.  The exciting thing is that I am OFF for such a long time!  The family is going to Wisconsin and I won't return to work until July 6th!!!  Time to do lots of home projects.

THe only bummer thing is that I have been resting from running to heal my knee, but at least I can use the spin bike and lift like crazy at the gym.  I am trying to not let it get me down though because......

Sunday is our One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what a great year it has been!  It was so fun, exciting, and went by so fast.  I feel like it will be our 60th anniversary before we know it.

Our wedding day was truly the  best day of our lives and I am a teeny bit sad I am not hanging out with my family and friends at the best party I ever attended.  However, I will post some of my favorite pictures so everyone can reminisce with me!!!!

hair and makeup party with my bridesmaids

I loved my shoes. Classy Steeler's garter, and I also wore my grandma's garter that about 7 women wore!

pulling the corset tight!
I love my bridesmaids


adorable flower girls

we all had so much fun together
being weird

the boys at the church

i'm here!

my flowers were from Giant Eagle and they rocked.

my bouquet

flower girls

waiting with the brothers

My in-laws!

our very handsome ushers

hanging out waiting, we were very early of course

waiting for me :)

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

yeah he kept checking me out in church.


we are married!


let the outdoor pictures begin.  It was a gorgeous day!


the dip.

at Laroche college

i failed miserably at the jump shot

made the menu, place cars, and a lot of other things.  Needless to say I was excited that all the planning was done!!!!!!

head table

i love my chair covers

cake!  green polka dots

obscene amount of cookies mom, relatives, and friends made!

waiting in the bridal suite was so fun they fed us my signature drink (COSMO!) and yummy appetizers

We were announced to Lovestory

cut cutting

Her speech was so great!  I miss you!!!!

Rob's speech was hilarious.  He showed embarrassing video footage of Jordan haha.

1st dance

my Dad

Mother and Son dance

Our goal was to have our reception seem like a second Senior Prom and we met our goal
Single Ladies

college running buddies  
Jordan moonwalked

Julia!  Highschool friends :)

Maura caught it!  This guy is actually next to get married!

more family

more family

more family

more family!

Father-in-Law and Sis-in-Law
classic. Singing Party in the USA and we captured it on film

Peace out!  Hellooooo Mexico!

We have a great weekend planned.... you should look forward to the next post :)