Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend - Pre-Easter

Jordan had Thursday and Friday off this weekend, so we have been busy getting our house together, and exploring Evans!

On Friday, I ran five miles easy in the morning around home while he slept in.  I decided to be nice and let him have a rest day.  I felt a little stiff from the speed workout Thursday, and was glad when the run was over.

We worked around the house during that day, and after eating dinner we headed to the Evans theater to see.....

The Hunger Games!
I recently read all three books and was a huge fan of them.  The entire concept of the series gives you so much to think about (I may have had nightmares after staying up late reading), and then there is my girl Katniss.  After being disappointed with the Twilight series, it was awesome to see such a tough, kick butt heroine in the story.  The love triangle was really interesting and both guys were so adorable and in love with her, but she wasn't like wimpy Bella pining away for Edward and just taking up air.  Katniss got it done!  I also related with her strategy in the arena.  I would totally run away and live up in a tree until everyone else killed each other.  

The Hunger Games, in a strange way, kept bringing me back to thinking about the marathon.  We all reach a place in the race where you need to focus on maintaining your pace and just surviving.  I usually get into the 'survival mode' at about mile 18.  Up until then, I have maintained my goal pace and,have felt pretty comfortable.  At this point, I don't want to blow it due to some stupid mistake (compare it to dying of dehydration during the hunger games).  I become very aware of taking care of myself - drinking enough fluid, taking in enough calories, keeping my form, hitting my splits, drafting if it is windy, and playing mental tricks to stay in the game.  Hopefully, I can channel some of Katniss's survival skills on April 16th. :)

Saturday, Jordan and I ran at the Evans Town Center Park during their Easter Egg Hunt.  He ran/walked 4 miles and I did a pretty easy 5.  I felt much less stiff.  We had a post-workout breakfast at Panera after, and shopped at the best grocery store in the world, Publix.  Publix is the bomb.  We literally had THREE very pleasant teenagers waiting on us.  One polite young man actually insisted on unloading our cart for us.  A girl checked us out, and kept asking us how we were doing, did we find everything okay, etc.  Another guy bagged our groceries and offered to walk us out and unload our bags for us.  The Dirty Bird (Giant Eagle, my highschool employer) should take notes.

I spent the afternoon cooking up a storm for our Easter feast today.  Although it is just us, I really wanted to cook a nice dinner - and have lots of leftovers.  I made Banana Cream Pudding, Sesame Asparagus, a Breakfast casserole, and prepped our cheesy crockpot potatoes.  Tomorrow I will make the ham and homemade biscuits.  I will have to post some of these recipes, nothing is too tricky and the pudding is especially delicious!
I love my Easter Apron my mother got me!
After a day of slaving away in the kitchen, Jordan and I went to Salsa's Bar and Grill just down the road .  I was ecstatic to see that they had half pitchers of margaritas for only $8.49.  We split it, and didn't even finish the whole thing, haha.  I have a special place in my heart for margaritas after honeymooning in Mexico.

I wasn't super hungry, so I chose to get a combo for only $7.95.  I picked a Chile Pablano and a chicken burrito.  I loved the pepper because it was spicy and NOT FRIED like most are, so I could actually taste the pepper.  Fried food can be good, but it covers up the pepper taste too much.  The Burrito came with a spicy, red sauce so of course I liked it, and of course I added some Mexican hot sauce to it.  Jordan ordered chicken fajitas and decided they were the best he has ever had, besides the ones in Mexico.
 It was still light out after dinner, so we decided on an after dinner photo shoot at the Woodbridge.

He may or may not have chased down the geese after this photo...

Hope you are thinking of us if you are watching the Master's!  Happy Easter!


  1. Great take on The Hunger Games. Katniss is a heroine both women and men admire. Your dad enjoyed they movie. I wonder if there will be a resurgence in archery because of the books?

  2. Sounds like you are loving Georgia already! Did you know Boston is on my birthday this year? So, I will definitely be thinking about you during the race. I am jealous of all the nice weather you are having 9and will continue to have, ha ha). Take care and I miss ya!!

    1. I will have to have a good race now, I don't want to ruin your birthday!! I miss you and I hope the wedding planning is going smoothly!

  3. I really want to read the hunger games, I've had multiple friends tell me that they think I'd really enjoy it. I'm also interested in seeing the movie, but I think I want to read the books before I see the movie.

    You look so adorable in your Easter apron. Maybe I'd cook more if I had a fun apron to wear...

    1. You should read the books first! But I have to say I usually hate movies from books but this one was great!

  4. Great posting...makes me want to join you down there. I love the south!
    I am going to start reading the Hunger Games..Aidan, we can see it while it is still at the theater.
    cute pic in your apron...and I see Bruno at your feet....
    let us know how we track you in Boston.....
    Enjoy your week...and your leftovers....missed you at Grandma's.

    1. You need to read The Hunger Games, once you start it is really hard to put it down. I missed you all yesterday, but it was really nice being here during the Master's!

    2. You need to read The Hunger Games, once you start it is really hard to put it down. I missed you all yesterday, but it was really nice being here during the Master's!