Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grass Hog

This morning: two mile easy run around this awesome yet hilly crosscountry course by my house.  Then 5 hours of yardwork!
downhill.  I really like this course because it is a trail but very wide

Blanchard Woods Cross-Country Course

It is strange to take a break from running. It's a little sad, because nothing puts me in a good mood like a great run. For me, it's very beneficial that I take a few days off completely from running after a marathon, then ease back into it. Sort of like a reverse taper.

Of course, I am unemployed at the moment so I have even more free time right now. When you are employed, you wish you weren't and when you are not working, you wish you were. Just can't win! Too bad I can't get paid to run all day, that would be the easy solution. However, I have been interviewing over the past two weeks and have pretty much decided which job to take over the summer until the school year starts. But it still doesn't start until May 20th, so I have been trying new activities.

My newest hobby is weed wacking. Most of my life, I have been convinced that the second I try to use it, I would cut my foot off. I envisioned a huge machete type blade spinning around the bottom. I was shocked to find that there is NO BLADE! It is actually a very thick piece of something like fishing line that moves really fast.
love to the grass hog!

Our new yard is significantly bigger than our last home's, but the biggest difference is the sheer number of mulched areas that need to be weeded and remulched. Not to mention this hillside that needs some attention:
the jungle

To make it worse, it seems all our neighbors use a professional landscaping service. Most of their lawns look like the Augusta National Golf Course. That's why my newest hobby is weed whacking/ landscaping!

Unfortunately, I ran out of mulch so the final pictures will come another day. I weeded for about 2 hours and then edged everything with the wacker. I spreaded mulch, then spread pebbles on the trim around the patio. I potted some plants and rearranged the patio furniture. When it was all done, I filled up the baby pool for the pups to cool off, since they were hot and sweaty from all that weeding!
my fur babies in the pool...yes I'm a crazy CorgLady

Is anyone else out there a Weedwacker enthusiast as well??  I'm gonna guess no...

I am still obsessing over if you didn't get the chance to read all about it, click here!
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  1. After my 2 marathons, I took just about a full week off after each one, I think that really helped me keep from getting injured. I prob could have started back earlier, but I think it's smart to let everything heal up nice and fully before starting to train again.

    Love the kiddie pool idea with your little corgies, they're adorable! You're a great corgie mom, they're spoiled :)