Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Boston Decision

So unless you have been living under a rock (or don't watch the news, read the paper, go on Facebook, or just don't care one bit about the Boston Marathon) the temperatures tomorrow will rise into the 'danger zone' for participating runners. The temperature seem like it will hover between 78 at the start and around 84 or higher at the finish for me. These temperatures put runners at a much higher risk for heat related injuries.
The B.A.A actually sent an email telling participants they could defer their entry to next year, due to health concerns. All day yesterday I thought about what I was going to do. I was upset because I trained to get a PR for this race, which is something you should not try for when the temperatures are this high- plus, it's totally unrealistic. Two of my friends, who are ridiculously fast runners, suffered heat related injuries in Chicago 2010 when it was super hot, and I did not want to go through what they did. I went to bed sure that I was going to defer and try another race in a few weeks.
When I woke up, I magically had my answer. I really, really wanted to earn a Boston marathon jacket. We spent all this time, money, and effort trying to get to Boston, which included switching our plane tickets from Pittsburgh to Augusta. Penny and Bruno had to spend the trip in the kennel. I spent everyday since December 10th preparing for this day. Above all else, I felt that going on that plane without a medal in my purse, around all those other runners that did get to race, would really, really, really make me upset.
My new plan tomorrow is to race, but race smart. I will be running a pace that challenges me, but does not overheat my body to a ridiculous extent. Fast racing does that to you. I might feel cool and comfortable the first 10 miles, then really have to slow down as the temperatures rise. That will be okay. This race will probably be the most challenging one I complete, ad I will be very proud to take my medal home to Georgia.
By the way, if you are running Boston and decide to defer, I totally 100% agree that you are making the right decision. I hope I run in such a way that makes my personal decision the right one for me!
Because of all the drama regarding the weather forecast, the trip has not been the most relaxing time. In fact, I think this is the most nervous I have felt before a marathon! But I know once I finish tomorrow it will all be worth it!

Some pictures of our trip below. We had an awesome dinner at P.F.Changs last night! Got to see my twin who flew in from D.C. and of course, my parents. We went to the expo today where I purchased the coveted Boston Jacket - there is no turning back now! They gave us really awesome fitted technical shirts in our bags, too.
Oh, and those weird pictures of running heaven and people play harps was from the Brooks "running heaven" it was pretty sweet/ridiculous.
We also took a walk around the harbor after the expo, so pretty!
If you would like to track me via text message, text "RUNNER" to 345678 then when you get the auto reply, text 7149 for my bib number.
Good luck to everyone running and remember to take care of yourselves tomorrow!

(my pics aren't loading up... Will add them in when I'm home!!)


  1. I like your ability to roll with the punches -- you will have to run a slightly different race, but you will do it wisely. Good luck, and I will hope for the best in terms of temps!

    1. Thanks RoseRunner! You should try Boston someday... you would be surprised at how fun it is! PS I am thinking of running California International!!

  2. You are going to be amazing, you've earned that jacket!!

    1. Remember to buy your jacket next year :)