Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Hope everyone had a great Easter and that you have 9 pounds of leftover ham like us!  I hope eating excessive amounts of ham this week is just as beneficial as carbo-loading is for Boston next week.  Ham is a carb, right??

Although we were away from our family in Pittsburgh this Easter, it was a lovely time of year to be in Augusta.  We spent a lot of the day watching the Master's and cheering Bubba on.  I really wanted him to win as well, after Jordan showed me this video showing off his talents:

We went to our new church for Easter Mass at 9:30 am.  It was super sunny and gorgeous out.  The church was packed, and we were lucky to get a seat.
wearing a dress I got in 7th grade, probably should give that away.... but it seems so Eastery to me!

the girls

the boys 

Afterwards, we came home and I popped our egg-cheese-biscuit-sausage casserole in the oven and made some coffee.  We had a nice  brunch on the patio while the pups played with the toys the Easter Bunny brought them.
probably not the healthiest breakfast... at least I served fresh pineapple on the side
After letting our food digest, Jordan went to the driving range and I went for a run.  I ran 7 miles total, with 2x10 min at tempo with three minutes rest.  The goal pace was 6:51, but I was able to run 6:44 and 6:37.  I felt great, and didn't even get sick after eating sausage only two hours prior.  Another highlight of my run was when a family offered me a fried chicken leg when I ran past their get-together in their front yard.  I did not want to ruin my dinner, though.

We did a little egg dying....

...and by that time, dinner was ready!

We had:
Cheesey Crockpot potatoes
Sesame Asparagus
and Banana Cream Pudding for dessert

we definitely ate some Saturday night!

I was a fan of all of it...I really liked the biscuits and pudding!  At least I know biscuits are a carb.  :)  And now we have 9 lbs of ham to go through.

Hope you all had a great Easter like we did!  One week until Boston!


  1. Ham freezes well. We watched that video during The Masters. They made it for charity. Bet they never dreamed it would get so many hits.

  2. Everything looked yummy! Get out the meat grinder and make ham salad...that is what Grandma used to do.
    I wish I fit in my clothes from last year...let alone 7th grade. God Bless you! :)

    1. I have to try to make ham salad, I also have lots of egg salad to make! I love egg salad.