Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Spin Class!

Today I tried a brand new class at the gym I just joined Friday.  I joined the YMCA in Evans primarily because they had a good class schedule.  I really like taking yoga - I used to go every Thursday night in Pittsburgh when my bff Caitlin lived there - because it helps me recover from running workouts and builds upper body strength.  I'm sure it helps prevent injuries, too.  I also took a body pump class with Caitlin when we were both living in Pittsburgh.  It was great because it was primarily for women and used lighter free weights and crazy things like resistance bands and step blocks.

One class I will probably never take is Zumba.  I seriously struggle with learning dance moves and always end up going the opposite way everyone else is going.  It took me 6 classes to get down 'the grapevine' warm-up routine in body pump, my feet always seemed to get tripped up over each other!

Today, I tried a 45 minute spin class for the first time!
of course I had to throw on the Boston jacket on my way to the gym

I never really got why spin was so popular, but I understand now.  When I use the bike or elliptical at the gym, I just can't seem to push myself and it is so incredibly boring.  Today, we did all kinds of crazy spin moves - climbing hills, doing jumps, resistance intervals, riding in different positions, doing squats - I had no idea you could do that much on a bike.  The instructors were hilarious and we worked out in a dark room with a blacklight, listening to really fun music.  I felt like I was at a dance club.  It was also a great class because you can push yourself however hard or easy you want to go, by adjusting the resistance on the bike. I was super sweaty I was done.

Depending on my work/running schedule, I would like to start trying to fit one of these classes into my workout routine each week.  I still believe that running is the best way to become a better runner (i'm old school that way) but this is a fantastic way to get your heart race up and gain fitness.

While I was out and about, Mister Bruno had the important task of guarding the home.

the best little watch dog
Happy Sunday!  Anyone else like spin classes, too???


  1. Bruno looks so cute. The spin class at the gym here doesn't look like it is as fun as the one you went to.

  2. Your dog is adorable!

    I LOVE spin classes. I used to about 2 a week, but since I've moved, I haven't really found one that is convenient for my location. I really felt like they helped a lot with endurance, and it was nice to have a workout that was relatively low-impact but still high intensity!